Individuals build a relationship with our skilled, experienced and qualified Care Team; their stay is a home away from home.

Lavender House manages individual goals and helps guests achieve their potential through independence and inclusion.

Lavender House offers families the opportunity to have a break from the role of caring for an individual with special needs.

Ethical and Organic Special Needs Care on the Sunshine Coast

Lavender House is a respite care service for individuals with special needs who rely on daily support to help them reach their goals. Lavender House offers families and carers the rare opportunity to have a break from their important and demanding role of caring for an individual, while knowing that the person they care for is with a skilled, experienced and qualified staff member with whom they have a familiar relationship.

Our Services


Short Term Accommodation

Our School Holiday Programs

Short Term Accommodation

Lavender House will provide safe and comfortable housing for our guests for as little as one night. Healthy balanced meals, goal orientated activities and experienced, familiar support staff will cater to individual requirements.


Permanent Accommodation

Our School Holiday Programs

Short Term Accommodation

Permanent care for loved ones can be provided by experienced and familiar support staff. With open communication, Lavender House will ensure individual and carer needs are exceeded.


Our School Holiday Programs

Our School Holiday Programs

Our School Holiday Programs

Catering to busy parent and carer schedules, out of school hours programs are designed to meet individual goals and are supported by trained, experience familiar support workers.

Who We Are


Our Mission

Lavender House aims to support individuals with special needs to exceed their goals, create opportunities of acceptance and inclusion and encourage courageous choices.


Our Vision

By providing invaluable services that support individuals with special needs and their families, Lavender House will increase its capacity to enhance opportunities for guests.

What We Provide


  • An opportunity for carers to take a well-deserved break from their role
  • An opportunity for the carer to rest and rejuvenate so they can return to their caregiving duties refreshed and ready to give their best
  • Improved opportunities for growth and development for the individual in care
  • Improved employment opportunity for the parent or carer
  • Improved health and wellness for the carer and the carers family
  • Improved patience for the carer
  • The security and knowledge that an individual is cared for by familiar staff in a safe and friendly environment
  • An opportunity for families and carers to ensure respite is a regularly scheduled, important part of the caregiving program 
  • Elimination of social isolation and depression issues for the carer
  • The prevention of costly out-of-home placement